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What Items Can/Cannot Be Placed In A Skip Bin?

Managing your rubbish is one of the hardest logistical challenges you have to overcome when getting ready for a garden project or simply doing basic spring cleaning at home. Skips are great for clearing up waste around your home or workplace but you may not know what goes in them either. The process of determining the sort of garbage you have is usually rather simple, but it’s crucial since some waste cannot be put in skips and because it frequently influences the cost of skip services. Because of this, it’s crucial to accurately indicate the kind of garbage you wish to dispose of, as mishandling might result in extra fees for disposal after the skip is picked up.

Depending on the kind of skip bin you’ve rented, the answer to this inquiry can vary. Various skip bins are available for various events.

Things Can You Put In A Skip

A skip may hold a wide range of things. The list below is not all-inclusive, so you should confirm with your skip-hiring business exactly what you can place in each of their specific skips.

1. Household waste
Paper boxes, plastics, and packaging materials are some of the common household wastes that should be disposed of by using skip bins. Any item can go through this container including outdated kitchen gadgets like fridges and washing machines, or unused entertainment sets such as televisions and speakers. Newspapers, periodicals, books, and office clutter are examples of paper trash that can find be put in the skip bin.

2. Garden Waste

This might contain everything from fence panels and grass cuttings to flowers, shed parts, and garden accents. While garden waste works well for a variety of skip sizes, it is not appropriate for a big skip bin, which would be too heavy to carry back onto the truck after being filled with tightly compacted garden waste. This can also apply to wood, both treated and untreated, that you cannot recycle in a garden bin.

3. Construction waste
Bricks, concrete, tiles, lumber, plasterboard, metal scraps, during building, restoration projects, and any other thing that could come from demolition or building activity are all considered construction debris. Skip bins are most frequently used for the disposal of construction trash. Our Builder’s Skips are the perfect size for construction projects since they can hold the debris from most building projects efficiently and are yet readily lifted by the removal vehicle. However, you must follow the weight guidelines set out by the skip bin hire Geelong provider.

Make sure you are always clear about what can and cannot go in the particular hired skip. Inquire with the skip hiring company about any potential hazards to avoid to prevent any fines or other charges upon collection.

Things Cannot You Put In A Skip

Skip bins can be used for a variety of home and business waste materials, however some materials cannot be placed in them. The majority of these materials are dangerous and need particular care while handling them. Most businesses will notify you in advance of such limitations as they might not be prepared to handle them. Among them are:

1. Chemicals, Asbestos, And Other Dangerous Materials
You should never try to remove asbestos or other dangerous materials by yourself. Instead, get professional help. Hazardous items such as chemicals, oils, batteries, and others can damage waste management personnel and pollute landfills. Prioritize your own safety and get a qualified expert to complete the task.

2. Wet Paint
Hazardous chemicals included in wet paint have the potential to leak into soil and rivers if they are not disposed of properly. To dispose of your paint properly, get in touch with your local municipality to find out when the next chemical waste clearout is scheduled.

3. Medical Waste

Your local government may provide guidance on how to properly dispose of medical waste. Needles, gloves, and other medical items should never be thrown out with the garbage. If these items are not disposed of properly, there might be a risk of sharps injuries, the spread of infectious illnesses, or environmental contamination from dangerous materials. Get rid of your medical waste through a recognized healthcare waste management provider to prevent this.

4. Food Waste
You cannot put food waste in a skip; instead, you should dispose of it in domestic or commercial containers. In an effort to cut down on food waste, your local council also provides subsidies for worm farms and composters.

5. Big or Heavy Objects
There is a weight restriction on each skip bin, which the skip bin hire Geelong supplier will provide in the terms and conditions. For this reason, you shouldn’t discard anything that weighs more than the allowed amount. If you want to get rid of big objects, consider telling the skip bin supplier about your unique needs so they can supply the best trash management option.

6. Tires:

Tire collecting locations exist. You might get help from your local Tyre Recyclers Association in identifying one. The proper way for manufacturers to get rid of them is up to them, and the same is true for other waste products like rubber. Alternatively, you may recycle them into plant pots, playground rubber surfaces, or furniture.

To keep things safe and pleasant for everyone, please don’t overload the skip bin. This could cause waste to spill out or blow around, making a mess for pedestrians and drivers. Also, skip bins are not for food scraps or anything that will rot and stink!

Sorting rubbish correctly and keeping out forbidden materials will guarantee that your skip is picked up and disposed of appropriately. By doing this, you avoid any penalties from your local council and promote sustainable, safe disposal of garbage.

Geelong Skip Bin Hire has the ideal waste bin for any situation, whether you’re getting ready for a big construction or remodeling project or just doing some little spring cleaning. Contact us by phone at 0449 786 666 or online to find out which kind of skip will be ideal for your project.

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